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Control Air conditioned

Pepe Rubio shared this question 5 years ago
Need Answer

Hi Everybody.

anybody knows how to: Control the air conditioned with the remotec zxt-120, BUT...... The problem is the next one.

I have the thermostat, and the ir extender, inside of a cabin, in other room, when I use zipato to start cooling the room, like the thermostat is outside, the temperature is not going to the value never, for example, the thermostat (inside the cabin) has 35 degrees, and the kitchen (temperature sensor in the correct room) is 20º, and the machine never is stopped.

I have a temperature sensor in the kitchen, and could be a good place to take reference of the temperature. Are there any way to use this sensor, and send the thermostat the actual temperature?


Sorry about my english, if you don't understand something, please let me know