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Add charts to temperature and humidity meters

Archived RaidBull Comments: 4 Reply 2 years ago by Merlijn B.
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Fibaro new motion sensor - Planned support ?

Answered Simone B. Comments: 26 Reply 4 years ago by HeroS -.
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Virtual thermostat pro - 22°C, no changes

Solved Simone B. General Comments: 20 Reply 8 months ago by Mario Z.
8 votes

Temperature and Humidity sensors from Clas Ohlsson

Archived Roger W. General Comments: 4 Reply 2 years ago by Pero Z.
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ZIPATILE - Graphs for temperature, humidity

Under Consideration Pablo 22 months ago General No Comments
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Wrong temperature readings Fibaro FGBS-001 / DS18B20

Known TorM General Comments: 2 Reply 11 months ago by TorM
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Motion, temperature graphs

Archived Alistair B. 5 years ago No Comments
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climate widget in 993: not following the rules

Archived Cantece Comments: 7 Reply 5 years ago by Cyrille
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