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Cheapest way to make 19pcs of thermostats and motion sensor

Lukasz J shared this question 9 years ago
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I would like to ask you how to connect 19pcs of temperature and motion sensor in the cheapest way (to control 19pcs of 2-way valves in the heaters). I have a cables in the every room so i can use them (i would like to install DSC alarm).

Is it possible to use Coco ACM-1000 to control 2-way valves? I think it is the cheapest, but not sure is it working.

Thanks in advance for helping.

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With Coco ACM-1000 you can Turn power on and Off

If your heater works with the same principle as a switch for a light for example it should work.

You online need to create a rule that turn on power (coco) and turn off once motion is not detected within a period of time


Take into account that for as far as i know those coco thing work on 220/230 Volt

Also take into account that you need to create a rule that also stops the heating, else if you are in the room for 8 hours it will keep on heating for 8 hours

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