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Control Extractor Fan With Zipato

David Ryan shared this question 7 years ago
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Is there a way to control an extractor fan with zipato?

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You can control just about anything using Zipabox or Zipatile. You just need to figure out exactly what you want to happen when something else happens, and select your control devices based on that.

To explain a little more in details: The extractor fan runs on 230v or whatever. This means that you can use a compatible module to switch the thing on/off or even control the airflow more exactly using a compatible "dimmer" type device. And yes: You can control this using a physical device or your smartphone or whatever. You can create rules which start the fan when someone enters the room, and keep it running until X minutes after last movement. Or whatever else you desire.


Brgds Robert


Thanks Robert.

I should have made myself more clear.

I have a Zipabox running many things but I don't seem to be able to find a device that would let me control my extractor fans in my Kitchen and Bathroom.

These fans use a Live, a Neutral, and a Switch wire.



(Sorry about that...)

I don't quite understand how these wires are connected and how the current plain old switch connects to this. If I can see a drawing or get an explanation, I may hopefully be able to suggest something.

Meanwhile, I have checked some documentation for extractor fans available at, an example of which is here:

If your connections are something like what is shown on page 6 in this PDF, it shouldn't be a problem...





I have attached a diagram of how the fans are wired.

I was thinking of trying one of the Fibaro relay modules but can't find any documentation of these used withan extractor fan so unsure this would work.

I want to be able to control the fan without turning the light on.



Thanks for providing a circuitry drawing!

Your drawing show that the fan is indeed "two-wire", only that the way it's connected currently means it has constant power on both leads (N and L2) while using a connection between L1 and L2 to control whether it runs or not.

To simplify: If you were to rewire the whole thing (do NOT do it), you could connect the black lead to N and the red lead to both L1 and L2. You could insert the switch to cut off either.

In my opinion, the BEST way to connect a Z-Wire device in here, would be to use an Aeon DCS18103, available from Clas Ohlson and elsewhere. My reason for suggesting this exact device, is that 1) it uses a relay and not electronics to switch power, and 2) it has direct control leads:

Connect the existing switch to the control input, thus allowing you to switch the fan on/off from the actual switch, in addition to giving you full control via Zipabox.

The DSC18103 has electrical connectors N,N | L,L where the center two are AC/Power and the outer two are load.

Remove connections between light switch and A/B, and change these wires to thin and easy to use wires e.g. from a Ethernet/CAT5 cable you cut apart. Connect these two wires to the control input of the Aeon device.

Connect the black lead from the feed to N/Power and leave the N output disconnected.

Connect the red lead from the feed to L/Power, and the L output to "A".

Hope this helps.

Note: Depending on the legislation of your country, the above mentioned actions MUST perhaps be done by a certified electrician.




Thank you Robert for your very detailed reply.

When I get some time I will give this a try and let you know how I get on.



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