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Controlling garage door

Stian Indal Haugseth shared this question 7 years ago


UPDATED! I have removed a few questions as I found them after making the post.

I have seen other questions about this but have not found any solid examples of how and if this is possible in Zipato:

  1. Does Zipato have a garage door "function"? Or do I have to make a rule as I have seen on the forum.
  2. Is there any tried garage door devices that has official support?

I have a Liftmaster system with a single momentary switch to open/stop/close doors. I need to have a relay in parallel to that switch and a magnet to sense status.

I have been looking at mimolite or Vision Garage Door Detector (with separate relay) and just now discovered Aotec has a dedicated one now for EU:

If this device is supported I may have answered my own questions :)



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Take a look at the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2

Regards Maik


Thanks but I will still use the Liftmaster controller. It's got all the safety features I would not want to bypass. It may be possible to configure it to work with the open/close switch of my Liftmaster but there are to many uncertainties unless someone has done exactly this.


The Qubino Flush 1D relay or Fibaro FGS221 are better alternatives with dry relay contacts. Both support turning off output after a configurable time. Simplifying the rules.

The Qubino has more inputs and possibility for temperature in my garage :) I believe Fibaro devices supports instant status which is good for quickly detecting port status.


If that's easy to add, can you add support for the Linear GD00Z-4 Garage Door Opener? I've had a ticket open for a few months now and was told it was on your list of devices to support.

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