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Corrupted chacon inclusion

Olivier Legros shared this problem 6 years ago

I have included a chacon light bulb switch today, successfully after a few attemps. It is displayed as an on/off switch. The new on/off switch is properly commanding the bulb. All is fine... but I found that a previously included chacon wall plug device is not only commanding the wall plug it is supposed too, but also my light bulb. This wall plug is triggered by a rule when a motion sensor is triggered and I think that someone walked in front of the sensor, causing the zipabox to fire a command to turn the wall plug on while I was trying to add my new light bulb. So inadvertendly not only my light buld got assiociated with the new on/off switch, but also with the existing wall plug device.

I think this is a normal consequence, but I would suggest that the zipabox should stop firing 433 commands while in association for a new 433 device. It could be puzzling. I expect that removing the whole plug and associating it again should solve the issue.

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Yes, you have a point. The box probably shouldn't send messages around while discovery is on. Although it maybe isn't on the top of my priorities right now, it will be fixed, probably the way as you wrote, in the near future

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