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Creating a rule for using a z-wave lightswitch with z-wave dimmer

Arild D. Andersen shared this question 5 years ago
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I have a Fibaro dimmer FGD-212 and a Z-WAVE>ME WALLC-2.

Im wondering if it is possible to make a rule that contains all functions in one rule? Or do i have to make a rule for every command (one for ON and one for OFF and one for DIMMING UP or DOWN etc.)

If i only have one type of command, like "WHEN" (any), "IF" button1 pressed "Action" gotovalue (50), Then it works, but i have so many options that i want to have in the same rule. Pressed, Released and Held is possible on every button. I want to be able to Press for ON, Held for DIMMING UP and the same type on the other button Press for OFF switch and Held for dimming down.

I´ve tried many combinations, but doesn't seem to work when i add more functions in a rule. Im clueless at the moment. Any help would be great.

Here is an example of what i tried in the picture


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Try to make a rule for every event. I do so with my switches and this works fine. I think, that the information "which button was pressed" is not stored. So after the first when clause the information about the buttons are lost. It is just a guess. You can also try to use "refresh" after first when, but it did not work for me. To make several rules is more clear.


try a join puzzle at the top. Also I think your else puzzles are conflicting with every other command.

If a button is held, "else", this else may be conflicting with every other command.