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Danfoss LC-13

Oliver Schwab shared this question 6 years ago
Need Answer


after testing the Comet valve I have know purchase the Danfoss LC-13.

Installation etc is no Problem, but it does not react at all. I tried to controll it via a virtual Thermostat and via a rule, but none of them seem to work. Also by Manual Change it aways switches back to 4°C ... not very comfortable.

I am sure here are many users of this valve. Could you please give me your solution of this "problem".

Many thanks!

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Dear Oliver

it is working fine with me i have 15 LC13 connected to my cluster.

They are all managed by the virtual thermostat pro with the LC13 as OUTPUT.

let me know your exact problem and teh configuration of your thermostat pro



Hi Christian,

thanks for your feedback. Based on your information I have setup a new virtual thermostat. I will se how it works and provide feedback.




Hi Christian, it seems to work quite well now. Don`t know why it didn`t worked the first time using a virtual Thermostat.

Two questions to you as power user of this device:

- What wake up time do have you Setup?

- Can you manualy controll the temerature via the control center?

Thanks & Regards,



Hey Oliver,

I also use the LC13 (just via rules, no virtual thermostat). My wake-up interval is 15 minutes. Thats kinda an okay compromise between battery life and response behaviour. I cannot manually control the temperature (e.g. via the app), only via rules. But of course it is possible to use a virtual switch to trigger a rule that...

Kind regards,



I have a Danfoss LC13 and a Danfoss room thermostat. I tried to control the temperature via the room thermostat (waf) together with the window sensor. I tried several methods and workarounds directly with rules, but I could not get it working satisfactory. Now I use the DEVOLO controller and everything works fine - even with two LC13 in one room. Obviously the LC 13 begins to examine the room at the beginning and adjust its behavior. It work perfect with my room controller and the window rules. As the Devolo controller is not very powerfull (it is for dummies) I use it only for the heating control and for all the other tasks I use my ZIPABOX. The state of the window sensors (in devolo) are tranmitted to my zipabox via HTTP request.

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