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Devolo Thermostat settings

Maik Künzel shared this question 9 years ago
Need Answer

I have a Devolo thermostat (Danfoss OEM) connected to the Zipabox.

Now it shows me the set temperature and the measured temperature but I can not control with the Zipabox the thermostat.

I have a virtual thermostat

Heating output = Devolo Thermostat

Temperature input = Devolo Thermostat

what settings I need,that this to work with the virtual thermostat und in the rule Rule Creator?

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I have the same problem.

I already add the Devolo Thermostat to the Heating Input, but still not work.

However the Thermostat device on the Zipatile changes the temperature when changed on the Devolo, but the virtual Thermostat don't change.

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