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Disable alarm when Zipatile not available due to network issues?

Jochen Bonne shared this idea 7 years ago
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How do I disable alarm when Zipatile not available due to network issues?

I am in testing phase and get phone calls, messages and mails from Zipato overtime there is some kind of network issue.

I guess it has to do with my ISP changing the IP address.

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As far as I know, you won't get any error messages that could be tested for internet connectivity anywhere in the Zipato universe. This means you'll need to resort to some clever trickery in order to achieve your goals:

You can leverage on the fact that rules which depend on Virtual Weather Station data actually stop execution until data is available. The following should work:

Create a rule which starts Every Minute using a scheduler, in which you for example get Virtual Weather Station attribute TempC and store this value in a variable InternetTemperatureChecker.

Next, create another rule which runs every TWO minutes. Here, you'll need an IF which checks if the content of variable InternetTemperatureChecker is < 100. If it is, set the value to 100 (so that the other scheduled rule can set it to the correct temperature again when it runs). Inside the ELSE you can do whatever you need done when internet is down.

Hope this helps :-)

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