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Easier way to Replace defective lamps/bulbs ?

Robert Hercz shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

As Ikea (and perhaps also soon others) have Zigbee lamps at a very low cost, I guess we'll move more and more away from in-wall swich/dimmer modules and over to directly controllable lamps/bulbs.

This poses a support nightmare for systems integrators, installers and "daddy support" people, as the currently only way to change a defective light bulb is to rebuild each and every rule and scene which uses the defective bulb.

Could I kindly ask Zipato to add - especially for the Zipatile - functionality to 1) show newly added "currently unused" devices, together with a selection menu of "currently used" - and a function to swap the newly added device for one of the currently used devices?

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you can do this with z-wave devices only currently, and you need to swap like for like, so a fibaro fgs 223 for fgs 223 not fgs 222 or zipato dual.

Hopefully this can be expanded as you say for other protocols and devices.


I've just got Ikea Floalt and wanted to connect it to my Zipatile. I'm facing issues with the setup of the configurations in order to control the intensity and color. Do I need a descriptor to be written by Zipato?

Has anyone tried to include this remote control from Ikea topic submitted via essaydune app


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