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Failed to rename device

PeterB shared this problem 4 years ago


I'm trying to add a Home Energy Meter (HEM G1) from Aeotec to my zipato box. Once paired, the graphical interface wizard asks me to enter a name and a location for the newly paired device. Once I enter a name select a room, I hit the "save" button and I get a warning message stating "Failed to rename device".

What am I doing wrong?

What could I do differently?

Could it be the Zipato server that are down?

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I am experiencing similar issues today. After adding a ZWave device the Control Center reported success, but the device was nowhere and the rename failed similarly. Could it be related to the latest announcement regarding server issues?

Server issues - BOX OFFLINE 09.10.2019.

Mario Zgorelec shared this announcement 10 hours ago


We are currently experiencing some services going offline.

They mention offline boxes, but my box is online and fine, and there is no word about adding devices.


I contacted Zipato via a support ticket, and they tweaked something. After that I had to relogin into Zipatile and suddenly all the trials and errors appeared on the web based Control Center.


Have the same issue now...

Old Zipabox 1, old site...

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