FAKRO Weather module ZWMP compatibility

Lukasz shared this question 3 years ago
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Is there any chance that Fakro Weather module ZWMP and ZWD Wind strength sensor and ZRD Rain sensor will be working with zipato/zipabox?

Fakro Weather module ZWMP

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Really good question. I have a fakro roof Window with Z-wave which i have paired with mixed results with the zipatile. Mixed results = works as a binary dimmer, 0% = closed and 100% = fully open, everything between is simply ignored.

I have the rain sensor (included with the window, cable connected) in place as well. Had no Idea that they have z-wave rain sensors but it really looks like the one i got.

I will try to check if it is the same rain sensor (however it's covered in snow atm so will check through internet and tests).

I am also very interesting if the wind sensor works. If it does I'll probably but one.


has anyone tested the Fakro weather station yet? Does the wind sensor work well with Zipato?


Very intersting topic, but no update since months... :(

Has someone tried this approach?

Or can recommend another solution for rain/wind detection in a Z-Wave network?