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Feature request for the Zipatile UI

Jacob Berggren shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Having the UI made up of tiles is great, but they lack functionality. The tile should be live, i.e if a tile is a motion sensor, show the state of it directly in the tile without having to tap on it.

And please, add a third column. There is so much space wasted on the sides.

The tiles are quite big. It would be enough with half the size they are now. It would be even better if we could do like we do on the Windows start menu, where we can set different sizes for the tiles.

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Personally I think if going with a tile interface, as a minimum the interface should be set up like Imperihome, with different layout options, customization for tile backgrounds including transparent theme and changeable font colours. And bring back 3rd party widgets.


+1 Jacob

+1 Adrian


I would say that the web UI have a far better look and feel than the Zipatile UI. Much more compact, nice colors, ON/OFF text instead of a mix between ON/OFF and TRUE/FALSE, Weather Station with color+++

For me, the largest drawback with the tiles is that they take up FAR too much space on an already small screen.

A few things would also optimize the web UI and for me the most important is low contrast issues like grey icons and text on black background. This looks like a designer that have full focus on the looks but don't care much for useability. There is no value in making things look good if they are unusable due to users struggeling to see/read text. I have been working with industrial UI for decades and generally the looks have to have lower priority than useability. Of course things have to look good but that is NOT first priority.