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Fibaro FGMS-001 Motion Sensor with Pet/Cat

Peter van der Pol shared this question 8 years ago
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I've just given my little new friend a new home and I would like to sleep well this night.

Therefore I probably need to change the sensitivity of my alarm in order to not get false alarms because the cat is walking around in the living room.

I have Fibaro FGMS-001 motion sensors, which currently have the default value of "Motion sensor sensitivity = 10" Which I think needs to change.

Does any of you have experience with these sensors and pets? And would like to share there experience? I'm looking for good settings.

Thank you in advance,



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I managed with some trial and error to get this working, the cat can walk and jump around, but the moment a person walks in, the sensor is triggered.

See the attached file for more info


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