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Forget IFTTT, let's get stringify

Jesper Olesen shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration

Hi People,

Just stumbled over stringify. They have all the missing features that IFTT, didn't do.

stringily is currently only in the US supporting the normal Smart Home standalone products - Netatmo, Withthings, Fitbit etc.

They have made a partnership with SmartThings, so why not with Zipato in Europe...8)

Let's get the folks at Zipato to make a joint venture with stringify.

I Vote YES...

/If you really want the app, just make a US Apple Account, and you are good to go...

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The app is now also available in Europe, and I would really like to integrate my Zipato to this.


Yes stringify is more complex than IFTTT, but IFTTT has more supported products. But I agree, the more platforms Zipato support or are seen to integrate with, will give them great market presence. And currently Stringify does not have many, so the name Zipato added there would be a good marketing opportunity.

And I'd hate having to say "Alexa tell stringify to...." Just do it already.

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