Future Zipabox 1 support on V3?

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I have been reading up a bit on what I could find about the V3 beta development, but one thing I did not see was any mention of future Zipabox1 support.

Is there a plan to provide V3 compatibility for the Zipabox1 or will this new system be only for the newer controllers?

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I would like to inform you that ZipaBox1 can be used on V3 platform as Slave server, only. Regarding fw version, it will have its final version soon and fw will not be updated for ZipaBox1 in the future. In other words, ZipaBox1 will be used as Slave server on V3 and all new features (in the latest fw versions in the future) will be enabled by Master server in your system which must be a newer Zipato controller.



I also have a Zipato system based on Zipabox, it is a bigger-than-normal system (129 Devices and 128 rules) I'm also considering the option of migrating to V3. I also have a Zipatile 1 that I use as graphic interface to Zipato (all devices and rules are tied to Zbox currently), my Zipatile 2 is on it's way and I'm considering using the Zipatile 2 as a master and Zipabox 1 as slave. I have a couple questions for you hope you don't mind me piggi backing on this post;

1. When migrating Zbox1 to V3 what is migrated automatically? - I have read that rules from V1 to V3 are not compatible but would I have to include all devices again?

2. Is there a list of devices compatible with V3? as you may imagine I have several types and brands of zwave devices on my system.

3. The reasons why I like the zbox architecture over ztile is because of the backup battery and modularity, the purpose #1 of my Zbox is my security system so to me it works pretty good even though my zbox1 seems very slow compared to newer devices,; would you recommend having

a) A Ztile2 and Zbox1 running on V3 having all devices attached to my Zbox, just as they do now, using tile to be the master, or;

b) A Ztile2 and Zbox1 running on V3 splitting the load between my both devices, leaving the security system control to the Zbox and everything else on my tile.

Is there any recomendation or documentation you can share to acomplish this more efectively?


Mr Albrto Macias,

these are very relevant questions to decide to do (or not do) an upgrade with the new Zipabox.

By the way, I do not undersand why, after 33 days you do not have clear answers...

It is not a good sign... and I start to question the maturity of the new Zipabox.

I would add one VERY important question : What about the "Licenses" such as "unlimited brands" or "rule creator Pro". The Zipabox 1 have most of the "licenses" included. Will licenses automatically integrated from the "Slave" into the "Master" ? or will we have the burden to pay again for those licences to add them on the new master zipabox ?

Same question for the Backup / 1year license.... if we have 2 boxes and want to do backups for each... will we have to pay this fee twice per year (one per box) ?



I have had Zipato systems since quite some years ago, I actually even pre-order the zipatile v1, I can tell you honestly than Zipato support has decreased over the last couple years, it definitely bums me out, but it still a good system and with all the money, time and effort I have invested on my home automation system I just cannot justify switching to other system yet, all of them have issues.

On a good note I can tell you that all licenses can be migrated from V1 to V3, all you need to do is open a ticket and request for the upgrade and transfer, you will need to provide your controller serial number, and also please keep in mind that V3 has not been released officially and there are still some issues with it, Zipato succesfully migrated my zipatile v1 to v3 platform with all licenses I had.

For your last question as far as I know yes, you will have to pay separately per box per year to be able to backup the controllers.


I have been using the V3 with my Zipamicro and my ZB2 for 7 months and yes, not all functions are available yet, but everything that already runs works much better than with the V2. I do not have the feeling of a beta. And the new app is much, much better than the old one. I'm happy with my setup (and I have a big setup of 293 devices and 312 rules).