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Grabbing thumbnail from a rtsp stream possible?

Marius shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration

I bought a camera that only serves RTSP/h.264 streams (high/low quality). I am not able to get the Zipabox to grab thumbnails from it.

Is it possible?

This is the camera I bought:

Both video streams work really well, btw. The Zipabox was not able to find it autmatically, but after supplying the IP address and stream port it included well.

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I can see that this was not an accurate descripion. I am looking for a snapshot URL in the Zipabox camera settings. I seems to not work with a RTSP URL. Probably the camera has a URL for this, but I am not able to find out.

The cameras web config uses ActiveX compontents, so I am not able to sniff the snapshot URL using browser debugging tools. Maybe I could use Wireshark for this...


Perhaps try iCameraspy or similar sites, where they might list the different url's.

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