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Group of sensors?

Oliver Schwab shared this question 8 years ago

Hi there,

is it possible to create a "group of sensors" which could be used in rules?

I want to have a light indication (red LED light) if a window is open. At the moment I have to create a rule for each window sensor, but it would be much more convenient to base this rule on a "group of window sensors" (less rules ane much easier to handle).

Any idea / possibility?

Many thanks,


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In the rule manager there you can create this. The rule manager even allows you to trigger rules via them as sensors.

I have only used it for grouping together end points but i don't see why it should not work as trigger groups as well.

Please post back the result if you try it.

(its the second last sub-menu of devices in rule manager, i only think they can be created and managed from there)



Hi Nicklas,

thanks for your comment.

It works, but you can only group sensors of same type.

If you have different sensors, e.g. window sensors Zipato 3in1 and Zipato window sensor you cannot group these two together.

But at least some help and easier way to manage them.

Best regards,



I just tried with a couple of virtual sensors and it does not seem to work. Here is the scenario: I am trying to create a presence indicator. Each person is indicated by a virtual sensor; "John vSensor" and "Sally vSensor". I created a group in the rule generator called "Sombody Home". I can put either John or Sally independently in a WHEN puzzle piece and the rule will properly fire; but if I put "Somebody Home" in the rule it never fires...even if I set the attribute event to "any".

I am even unsure how it would really work once it actually fires. Will "Somebody Home" be active if either John or Sally is active or will it only be active if both John and Sally are active?

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