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Has any body have any luck or know whom to contact at Zipato to get more integrations completed?

Adrian Van Der Heijden shared this question 5 years ago
Need Answer

To any integrators or 3rd party developers who are able to get products and/or services integrated with Zipato, please respond to me.

I am tired of trying to get products developed by Zipato by asking Sebastian. I just seem to be wasting my time, i get promises of future developments but nothing eventuates. I am happy to pay for a developer (pricing dependent) as Zipato platform doesn't allow 3rd plugins/drivers and I want other specific products integrated for our own reasons.

Zipato doesn't seems to be progressing over the last 12-18 months, hardly any new product integrations, now new virtual device iterations, am I the only one who actually wants Zipato to succeed and develop?

Its great Zipato have been working on the api and backend to improve stability, but how long does this take without adding additional features during this period.

We have turned to other systems lately due to their increase in other platform integrations, meanwhile Zipato sits stagnant. So if Zipato wont add products and services to their controllers, how do we do this? Or cant it be done. Any help, ideas or information from you, the community, on adding product support to Zipato controllers would be appreciated.

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