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Help in creating rule linked to Alexa

Viriato0811 shared this question 2 years ago
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Hi everyone,

I am trying to set up a rule so that I can ask Alexa to turn on/off a group of switches or lights.

I have created a virtual switch with the name "Kitchen Lights", as well as a rule which works as follows: if the virtual switch "Kitchen Lights" is ON, then it runs a scene turning ON all kitchen lights. The same for turning the kitchen lights OFF, if virtual switch "Kitchen Lights" is OFF then it runs another scene turning OFF all kitchen lights.

The issue is that when I ask Alexa, "Alexa, Kitchen Lights ON" or "Alexa, Kitchen Lights OFF" it does not work. I have realised that even if all the lights are OFF and I need them to be ON, you need to first say "Alexa, Kitchen Lights OFF" and then "Alexa, Kitchen Lights ON".

Any ideas on how to improve this to avoid 2 Alexa commands to turn ON/OFF the lights?

Many thanks!

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Hello Viriato,

There is two approaches you can take to achieve what you want;

1. Using Alexa Groups - For this you need to check how you can control each bulb individually, in my case for example, I have phillips hue bulbs which are recognized on alexa and I can say "ALEXA SET BULB1 TO 100%", also when I have several bulbs in a room I have a room set up within Phillips Hue bridge and I can say "ALEXA SET LIVING ROOM TO 100%", if your bulbs are shown on device list either through Phillips Hue bridge or Zipato you can create a group directly on Alexa (regardless if they are a room on phillips hue) and you can say "ALEXA TURN ON MY GROUP" or "ALEXA SET MY GROUP TO 50%" depending if you have smart bulbs or you are using z-wave relays to turn ON/OFF the bulbs.

2. Using rules / scenes / groups on Zipato controller - I would also create a virtual switch called for example "KITCHEN LIGHTS" then I would program the rule as follows;


Hope this helps.


I think you should skip the join command. Furthermore I found it better to switch individual devices instead of using sceens, It gives you more options. (I don´t want to change a running system but when I set my rules up I had some problems without that delay of 0.2 sec) The variable "Bewegung" is for my privat health care mode and the last if is something quite difficult to archive with a scene: When it is dark an my mother switches off the livingroom AND if it is dark, then the lights on the floor go on for 60 sec)



Many thanks Alberto and Klaus. I will try both and check what works better at home.

Best regards