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Help to create a rule that involves Climate Widget and a group of door sensors

Cédric V. shared this question 8 years ago
Need Answer

I would like to create a rule allowing to suspend the heating by turning temporary the climate widget to off if at least one window in the room is open. And after that, the climate widget has to resume to its previous state as soon as all the windows have been closed.

Is it feasible? How I can do that? Someone is able to provide an example for this rule?

My first problem: I created a group for all the windows in the room in order to avoid to concatenate in each instruction but I don't have green arrows when I try to put my group in boxes. What it is the best method to declare a component returning a boolean at the question "at least one window is open".

My second problem: It seems possible to trigger an action by rule for changing the state of the climate widget (even if I don't know really what "Mode" and "Value" stand for) but I don't see how I can store its state into a variable in order to resume it later on its previous state when the windows will be closed.

Thanks in advance for your help.