HHH - Motion controlled lighting with adaptive ontime

Henning shared this idea 9 months ago

Hello. I realized I should share my way of doing motion controlled lighting. I think I did this already in the past but cannot find the topic anymore?


I use a virtual meter called "Timer meter" with many different values for different things:


Then I have a rule with a sheduler running every minute. (many other timers I have is moving only every 30min etc)


You can see that the rule above only step down the value if it is above 0.

And when it is 0 it turns the lights off.

And another rule turns the lights on when the motion sensor detects.


It also sets the "ontime" to different values depending on the time of the day controlled by the last rule.


It might look very complexed but I use it for almost everything and have no problems.

Ask questions if you like!

/// Henning

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good idea we have to share more rules. Zipato should make a tipic for it ...


I have a different approach: