How can I control the boiler with multiple thermostats?

Marcus Khoo shared this question 9 years ago

Imagine I have three defined thermostats, one for each of three rooms.

Room A, Room B and Room C.

I have radiators with z-wave thermostatic valves in each of the rooms. Each room also has a z-wave temperature sensor.

I want to create a time schedule for the temperatures in each room.

However, I only have ONE boiler that supplies heat to all three rooms.

My question:

When the temperature in Room A is low, I want to be able to both switch the boiler ON (if it is not already on supplying heat to another room) and set the temperature on the radiator for Room A.

Same logic for Room B and Room C.

However, I also want to turn the boiler OFF - but ONLY when none of the rooms need heat.

How can I achieve this?


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Hi Marcus,

I had the same issue, which is how I found your thread (sorry if my answer is a little late to be of use!)

I've managed to get it working by creating three virtual switches - 'Ground floor heating', '1st floor heating' and '2nd floor heating'. I then had each of the three virtual thermostats control one of these each, rather than having each directly controlling the boiler.

I then created a rule that says that if 'Ground floor heating' OR '1st floor heating' OR '2nd floor heating' virtual switches were turned on, the boiler would be turned on by the rule.

Hope this helps!




Nice one Huw!

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