How can I test the status of a relay that is not part of the Zwave network?

Eric T. shared this question 8 years ago

Hi, I have installed "fridge door switches" to detect the opening of several windows. When the windows are closed the circuit is also closed and it activates a relay. When one of the windows is open the circuit opens, the relay goes into idle mode and the air conditioning stops (via a built in interface).

Now I would like to be able to test the status of this relay to use it within my zwave network (and apply the same rule to the heating - which is fully zwave compatible). I don't see how I could do that? Is there a low voltage Z-wave relay that I could use instead of the one I have now and that I could include into my network? Or do you guys see any other solution that I could implement?


(Schematics attached).

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I may have found the answer myself! This product probably offers the best solution to my problem. Has someone already tried it? Does it work with the Zipato box?


Looks really intresting, if you find more information on if it work please post back

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