How connecting Zipatile Binary Input Sensor

Francisco M. shared this question 6 years ago
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I need connect an output dry from a alarm device to Zipatile Binary input sensor.

I'm not tried connect directly, because I don't know if Binary input sensor works by short-circuit or It need a voltage supplier.

Any knows correct way to connect it?


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It is a dry input (12-24 VDC) sensor according to this;


Thanks Alberto.

I understand this, like a highest voltage to use this dry input. The question: Do I need a power supply to trigger this binary input? (Binary suggest a ON/OFF flip-flop trigger by a short-circuit between both two terminals without need external power supply).



You can wire it as a dry contact or wet contact. Dry contact means no power needs to be supplied, usually devices have pull-up or pull-down internal resistors to know when the contact has been closed OR you can supply power (wet contact, 12 or 24 VDC) to the input. In my opinion if it comes from an alarm device (i. e. door sensor) you want to connect as dry input. See picture below, this is an example that illustrates the difference;


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