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How many Zwave messages...

Thijs Schreijer shared this question 7 years ago
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I have 2 rules, both setting the Danfoss thermostat to 20 degrees upon a motion detection.

Now consider that the Danfoss is asleep for 30 minutes and there are 3 motion events in this period.

Now when the thermostat wakes up, how many z-wave messages will it get? In the bottom example the current setting is checked, so it will at a maximum get 1 message (or 0 if it was already set to 20 before)

But how about the top example? Will it enqueue 3 messages, or is the Zipabox (or zwave stack) clever enough to sent only 1 message (and hence save battery life)?

If 3 messages are enqueued, I can save battery life by making my rules slightly more complex (bottom example). Just wondering whether it actually makes a difference?

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