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How to direct connect S3 input on Qubino dimmer to Fibaro Dimmer 2

Jacob Wiqvist shared this problem 6 years ago

I did not want to create a ticket for this issue because it is probably me that do the errors.

I have tried to read this page to understand "Associations" and "Groups", and also bindings, I have a hard time understanding or get it to work. But I can't get it to work:

In my understanding if I make a "Associations" with one device to another this two devices are connected and should sync with each other? Meaning the 2 dimmers should dim each other. This does not work.


Direct Association:

This is the simplest form of associating Z-Wave devices.

  • The ‘Source node’ of the association will be set to “association set mode” - it can ‘listen’ for node information frames from other network devices
  • The ‘Target node’ sends its node information (by pressing a button on the device)
  • The node information received by the Source node contains the Node ID of the Target node (device) and allows it to set the association.

Because the node information frame is always sent as a broadcast to all nodes “in range”, direct association only works if both sender and target are “in range”. They must have a direct not routed wireless connection established. If one of the devices is moved “out of range”, the association will be broken.

But my goal is that I want to make a direct connection between my Qubino Dimmer input 3 to the Fibaro dimmer 2.

I do not want to create a rule, I know how to do that but that is not what I want. But it can only send ON and OFF command and not even that. Because I can only send a "go to value" Example rule below:



And I want the input 3 to start on the latest value the dimmer is on.

Also I want the input to work as a "normal" dimmer switch. But I can't.

I still can't get my head around the different menus on a device. What is what:

For example: "Input 3 TV Tak" should be a control input in the controls menu but instead it is a SENSOR with a ON OFF and ANY command?



In the end I want this: Make direct connections between devices.

Use different buttons as on off commands without using rules

Use different buttons as dimmers for other lights.

Use another button on another device exactly the same way as the button on the actual dimmer.

Use many dimmers in sync. Any solution to any of the problems are welcome!

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I hope I understand you correctly.

1. Looks like indeed Qubino Dimmers can send "Start level / Stop Level Change" to other devices, not sure if Fibaro Dimmer would accept this. Looks like you are using the wrong group (2) according to the manual group 2 is BASIC SET (ON/OFF) and group 3 is LEVEL CHANGE for I1, see below;

Associated Groups:

Group 1: Lifeline group (reserved for communication with the main controller), 1 node allowed.

Group 2: basic on/off (triggered at change of the input I1 state and reflecting its state) up to 16 nodes

Group 3: start level change/stop level change (triggered at change of the input I1 state and reflecting its state) up to 16 nodes

Group 4: multilevel set (triggered at changes of state/value of the Flush Dimmer) up to 16 nodes

Group 5: basic on/off (triggered at change of the input I2 state and reflecting its state) up to 16 nodes.

Group 6: Notification report (triggered at change of the input I2 state and reflecting its state) up to 16 nodes.

Group 7: Binary sensor (triggered at change of the input I2 state and reflecting its state) up to 16 nodes.

Group 8: basic on/off (triggered at change of the input I3 state and reflecting its state) up to 16 nodes.

Group 9: notification report (triggered at change of the input I3 state and reflecting its state) up to 16 nodes.

Group 10: binary sensor report (triggered at change of the input I3 state and reflecting its state) up to 16 nodes.

Group 11: multilevel sensor report (triggered at change of temperature sensor) up to 16 nodes.

In order to configure this, you have to select the group you want to use, drag the device you intend to associate and then SEND the configuration, the controller will confirm if the parameters were set properly. Something I do is, after I send the configuration and receive confirmation I click READ, if the group settings changes this mean it wasnt set properly and you have to try again.

I have never grouped devices like this, I don't have a qubino dimmer. I have several qubino flush relays but those only have BASIC SET ON/OFF.

Ps. Take a look at parameter 67.


Regarding the Inputs of Qubino Dimmer, my inputs for Qubino Flush Relay appear as sensors too, acording to the manual, all configurations 1-9 for these inputs are types of sensors you can chose from, I don't see how this affects the purpose of the rule. Also check configuration for parameter 1 and the following note at the end of the manual;

Description of switch function:

Switch toggles (parameter 1 set to 1) the state of the light

bulb between the last dimming value and 0. If last dimming

value is 0 then the light is turned 100% when switch

changes its state.



Unfortunately I have the old Qubino dimmer witch only have 4 Associated Groups.


But in my understanding I should be able to use Group 3: as on/off for 16 nods that men I should be able to put more than one device in this group to control it on and off. THIS DOES NOT WORK

And if I put a device in Group 1: the dimmer values should be synced? Right?

And also I should be abel to put many devices in this group to control them? Right

But lets say I buy the newest dimmer. I should be able to associate 16 devices with each other on input 3 to dim them upp and down and turn them on and off.

I do not think this work with Zipato?

Or does it have to do with the device, that it is different brands? Qubino, Fibaro?

I will upload a video clip to show.

But Alberto can you associate many devices in the Zipabox menu? Different devices? And turn them on and off and or dim them with another button?



1. According to your device manual you would have to use Group 1, and in theory you could associate up to 16 devices (Controller is one so basically 15 more). Yes, In my understanding the settings of the first Dimmer should be sent to all the other dimmers, unfortunately I don't have any dimmers at home. I use zipato RGBW bulbs and Phillips hue, so don't need dimmers.

2. I don't think Zipato has anything to do with the fact it's not working, for this purpose the zipabox/zipatile is an "interfase" to send the settings to the devices, if you can confirm using READ command in the controller that you have all the dimmers you want to "Sync" in the same group (group 1) and it's not working I would contact Qubino support to find out why.

3. Maybe is the fact that you are trying to sync two different brands of devices? Not sure, probably you can contact Fibaro to find out if it's not clear in the manual.

4. Yes, I actually associated Qubino Flush Relay Inputs to control my Zipato RGBW bulb in the living room and Qubino Flush Relay Inputs to turn ON/OFF my Fibaro RGBW controller in the kitchen without issues. The only problem I have found is that sometimes takes two or three retries in order for the Qubino module to take the "association", which I check using READ function after Sending the configuration and receiving confirmation.


This is bad quality but I am working on it.

4. I see! That could be one cause.

Se film if you can see any thing strange or if I have missed anything.

Best regards Jacob Wiqvist!



I've watched your video, the only issue I see its what has happened to me with my QUBINO flush relay, the fact that sometimes the device does not change the association, I've noticed that it happens more when the device is further from the controller. In order to work (at least for me) is to keep trying until the "retrieve" function shows all the devices you associated on the same group, try that and see if it works. Best Regards.


But I am not abel to include many devices in the same group.

As soon as I add a device the first one disappeared.

Do you mean that if I add the hallway dimmer to the group 1 it would be possible to turn it on and off with the Qubino dimmer input 3???


Try to include everyone simultaneously.

Inkliusive those standing there.

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