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How to integrate SmartThings and Zipabox through MQTT

Peter Obel shared this idea 6 years ago

This is a guide to integrate SmartThings devices with Zipabox, if you replace the part about SmartThings and adjust part 6, you can integrate ANY MQTT device into Zipabox.

Step 1:

Setup a Linux or Raspberry PI server for the job (windows might actually also work)

Step 2:

Install BevyWize MQTT broker from:

For convenience setup an autostart on your system! (i.e systemctl on ubuntu)

Step 3:

Setup Samsung Smartthings MQTT following this guide:

BUT: Change the bridge port from 8080 to something else (ie 8081) and remember this change when you setup the rest of the smartthings bridge (device and app). You need to do this because Bevywize uses 8080 for the webinterface.

Step 4:

Setup MQTT on Zipabox using the API as described here:

And create the virtual device you want to map to a Smarthings Thing.

Step 5 (The fun and cool part):

Login to the Bevywize webpanel on the http://brokerip:8080 and go to the rules:

Create a rule like this (for a Smarthings Door Sensor to a Zipabox Virtual Sensor):

Rule Pattern: Topic-Message

Published Topic: smartthings/UtilityRoomDoor/contact

Published Message: = open

Forwarding Topic: request/attributes/sdfsdfsdfsd-asff-dfgf-asdd-dfgdfgdfgdfg/textValue

Forwarding Message: true

Repeat for close, and repeat again for more devices. Now your smartthings things are available in Zipato

Step 6:


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