How to set a time base action in rules creator ?

Gael Poffet shared this question 11 years ago

Hello,I would like to set the temperature on my Danfoss Living Connect based on current time. For exemple during the night (between 00:00 and 07:00 for example) reduce the temperature.

When I do it like in the printscreen attached I get the error "When clause has no event dependency"

How can I do it properly ?

Thanks for help

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The only thing you can have in the when as trigger for starting the rule is a event from a device, or a scheduler.

I think you should look at the functionality in the climate panel, if you create termostate there you can have weekly programs and other...

Take a look at the Climate Panel, it can be what you are looking for, and maybe more


Yes, I thought about using climates, but unfortunately climate need thermometers and I don't have any thermometers so I can't create climate..

I'm trying now with scheduler trigger... it is not very user friendly but it should work...

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