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How to update Zipamini firmware - solved!

Alexey Malyshev shared this idea 3 years ago

I had a problem with Zipamini controller – it did not work out of the box – it had outdated firmware 0.9.999.6 and there were no “normal” ways to update it. With this outdated firmware it does not work at all (still you can see it through the web application).

Support team sent me new firmware as apk file but it did not work either. When I tried to install it I got following message: “App not installed. An existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed”

However I managed to solve this problem and this solution might be helpful to someone else.

Zipamini firmware it’s not actually a firmware but rather an application which is running on A20 android device (similar to smart TV android box). In order to install new “firmware” you first have to remove an old one. But you cannot do it via android standard setup since this application is pre-installed by manufacturer. So, you need to root your device, then to install new “firmware”.

  • Download KingRoot (I used this one, but probably other rooting applications also will work) apk file from elsewhere on your PC. Download new “firmware” for Zipamini from here: (this link was provided to me by Zipato support team, hope they will not remove it). Copy both apk files to SD card and insert it to Zipamini.
  • Connect Zipamini to monitor via HDMI and also connect mouse. Run KingRoot from File Manager – root your device, then uninstall Zipato application using utility built in KingRoot. Then (important!) – click to garbage icon in this utility and say “completely delete Zipato application from device”. Restart device and install new Zipato 1.3.81k “firmvare” from SD card.
  • Voilà – everything works!

(And, yes, Zipamini does not have green light on the body – it’s always blue. There is a green bar in application instead, but you can see this green bar only if you have a monitor connected. The manual is misleading)

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Good to know.

The Zipamini firmware can also be loaded remotely by the Support term. Simply open a support ticket and include the serial number for your box (displayed in the Zipato dashboard).


Well, I have opened support tickets three times, but somehow it did not help. However they provided me with updated version of firmware what was really helpful.


Hi Alexey,

I done everything that you say, but my zipamini says that app not installed

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