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HTTP REQUEST puzzle block not working

Carlo shared this problem 2 years ago

Hi All, all my HTTP Requests stopped working on February, 4th. I'm on v2 with Zipabox.

No change on my setup or internet connection or other, non of them work anymore.

I also tried to create a new one from scratch and it doesn't work as well.

Anyone else is experiencing similar issues (or knows as to fix)?

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Dear Carlo,

we've tested the HTTP requests and can confirm that these are working regularly.

Please check the requests themselves and assure that these are properly configurated.

Best regards,



Hi Stefan, as stated in the ticket I've already checked url in HTTP Reques puzzle block and all of them works properly.

Unfortunately none of the rules trigger the HTTP Request.

The rules remained unchanged for ages and all stopped works on February, 4th (that's very weird).

Actually my setup stopped working as beforewithout any action or change on my side and the only thing that I can think about is a change on server side.

I can confirm that Internet connection is working (the box is online) and that all called url works from my home.

This looks very similar to when all push notification stopped works in august and after the bug had been recognized the promised fix has been implemented only in V3, leaving users like me without solution but with a lost functionality...

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