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I could use some help with join for a motion activated light

Klaus G shared this question 7 years ago
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Hi everyone,

I think I could use some help with the join command. I stumbled over the fact that I used some different ways to get a motion activated light. (I already changed most rules to look similar, but i think that were my different types of rules (see picture)

My question now: Is one of those ways to prefer or to avoid and for what reason? Perhaps someone can clarify it for me? Meight one of those ways perhaps lead to serious problems and why?

Thanks in advance


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JOIN is used to allow changes of state to affect your rule while its running. In other words, if you use join between two IF (for example) and the second one changes while the rule is already running (passed the first IF), the later state will be used in the execution, if you don't use JOIN status updates will not be considered while running the rule.

See my attached motion activated rule, I would recommend you to use something like that.


try something like this.


Hi Alberto and Adrian,

thanks for your help. Think I now understand the principle.

But there is last one question, Alberto: What´s the reason for your second join? I can´t

think of a reason for a status change in that short period of time? So it should work without that second join, shouldn´t it?


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