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IP Camera issues

Mattias Andersson shared this problem 2 years ago


Ive tried for serveral months to get non supported IP camera to work.

I have a D-Link DCS-920L and a D-Link DCS-5000L.

They dont support RTSP, but MJPEG should work?

I have found correct MJPEG and JPEG paths as they work in other applications and direct in browser. Copied paths from iSpy as mentioned in other threads. But they wont work with Zipato. Ive tried several diffrent paths.

Ive attached how it looks when i try in browser(chrome & iexplorer), in Android app i just get message it fails.

The camera function in Zipato seems very dodgy, ive read that alot of users have similiar issues.

Any ideas on how to get this work?