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is the system capable to do that

mohamed abd el halim shared this question 4 years ago

hello i am in a project a villa approximate 500 m2

my design to that villa includes the following

20 double switch + 19 single switch and 16 (6 in 1) aeon labs multi sensor that is for lighting all will be connected to power

9 water leakage sensors + 1 smoke sensor and 11 valve for water and gas controlling the valves will connect to power

11 aeon laps heavy duty switches for water heaters connected to power

8 single switch for ventilation control fans will be connected to power

11 heavy duty switch ( aeon laps ) added to 11 IR transmitters for air condition control

3 zipato cameras for monitoring

5 wall plugs for TVs

will the zipa box control all that devices ?

can i use zipatile ?

i know that the z-wave network is a star mesh network is there any concern of the above devices to repeat the signal ?

can i use multi zipatiles and clattering ?

is there is any concern to be taken in consideration ?

is there any licenses needed for that project including the cameras storage ?

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Of that list, I can only say that I have TKB and Duwi on/off Z-wave switches working with the Zipabox.


I've half of the number of devices you are going to get and the Box is unreliable (problem in syncing, rules that stop to work for a while, rules that became slow with no reason, ...).

Personally I don't think that Zipabox can manage all this stuff flawlessy.



I have a 200qm flat. Nearly 70 real devices. If all devices are correct included. Rules are tested then my system is real stable. I discover problems when I "play" around with new devices and lot of including and exluding. After such a "play"-session I reboot my system and it is stable again. With just one controller. With a cluster of i.e. 3 boxes that would be perfect!


I personally don't think Zipabox will be able to handle such a network. You can see other threads, where people who are having less devices have issues (including me), which partially seems to be because of the way the system is programmed (and things stop working when they are not related to things that are changed) and partially because Zipabox has too old hardware with insufficient memory and storage to handle anything that a full scale house might require.

I would say Zipatile, I can imagine that Zipatile will be able to handle from the hardware point of view.

What is interesting that Milan is mentioning clustered controller when this option is still not availabe to us. Now either it will be available shortly (hence why he is mentioning it) or I dont know whats going on. This feature was asked for a long time and still no news (no wonder if Zipato is experiencing such a high volume of reporting of bugs).

I say for a house of such scale the best option (if chosing Zipato) is Zipatile in every room where the owner would require to have access to the house control and use the zipatile in each room to also act as a thermostat for the actual room...(multi-zone heating system). This is the best option, but still this would require the cluster to be functioning...).

As to the camera storage your best bet is to purchase a NAS (like Qnap), and set up the recorning on the local HDD's you put in the NAS)...


Honestly speaking I think your design is a bit bloated for the 500m2 villa. The usage of the so many heavy duty switches is redundant, since you can control the Acs directly with IR, why do you require those? Is it just for measuring the consumption of those devices? Well I believe you can do that in the control panel and have all of those pass through one meter for total on/off and power consumption.

The 11 valves are also unclear. basically you need 3, for controlling hot water, cool water and gas. any additional one could be used for irrigation.

Always think of keeping your design as minimal and efficient as possible.

Also controlling all of those from one single controller is messy for the user (regardless of the HW limitation). Think about the time needed by the user to find a certain actuator in the UI. Better to use multiple controllers for each floor and cluster them.

Zipatile is ideal. I use with almost 50 devices and it works perfectly.



I have 100+ devices working nicely - some refresh of routing might be needed from time to time. Bought additional Zipatiles waiting for cluster to go live.