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Keypad arm/disarm ignored by system

kotobelo shared this problem 5 years ago


I have a problem making the keypad arm/disarm the system. I dont know what else to do, as I have already:

- Added as a new device

- Configured device (User Entry Keypad) with a pin code (learn mode: Home + 4digits + Enter)

- I have only one user account that is the master

- I have only one security partition configured as quick arm

- I have configured in the security partition the user master to be able to use the PIN AWAY and PIN HOME to Arm and disarm respectively.

- I have synchronized with the controller .

Now when I type in the keypad: AWAY + Pin code + Enter the security partition state remains disarmed.

I have configured other devices (remote control) to arm the alarm so, I am not sure why the command from the is not taken into account.

Could it be that the code is not successfully learnt?

I have already replaced one keypad by a new one and still the same problem. Please, I need some help, if I dont get this keypad to work, I will need to replace the entire system.


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Hello Kotobelo,

please, upgrade your controller to the latest beta firmware version (Controller settings--> Firmware--> Load Beta) and re-add your keypad, this will resolve your issue.


The solution to this was as simple as installing the latest beta in the controller.

Thanks to Zipato for the quick support.


I have my controller updated, and I made the same steps above. But when I arm Away or dissarm Home in the Keypad, the alarm does nothing, it keeps dissarmed or armed without any change.

Do I have to do any other step that I don't know?


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