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KNX Module doesn't write on the KNX bus (but read...)

Stéphane MIALOT shared this problem 9 years ago

I set up a Zipato KNX module in ETS4, and tried to add 3 lamps control.

I manage to get the state of the lamps but not not change them (ON/OFF) from the dashboard or Iphone App.

Actually, I can perform the action by clicking on ON, but it comes back to off few seconds after.

On the other hand, I get the information on my.zipato if the light is switched on by a KNX button.

On the KNX bus monitor, there is no message sent by the zipato module.

It might come from the ETS4 software application for the zipato module : the weblink indicated in the zipato documentation is no longer available. I got another library ( on websites, but apart from the fact it is only in german, it might be the cause of my problem.

Anyone reporting the same kind of problem ?

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