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Last firmware 1.2.29 less working than 1.1.38 which is less working than 1.2.29....

Jacques shared this problem 7 years ago
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with the latest firmware 1.2.29 my chacon door sensor don't work anymore et same for the http post (rule).

With the 1.1.38 these devices are working but my zipato zwave siren doesn't work...

So the support told me to downgrade to fw 1.1.38 to resolve the first problem, and for the second problem they told me to update the fw 1.2.29 and so on...

very funny no ?

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Yeah, sometimes support can be confusing, specially if you have two different tickets and two different persons helping. However seems this issue is something nobody in the community can help you with, only support. I would recommend you to mention in both tickets the other ticket were they are giving you conflicting resolutions, most likely you are going to have to wait until a new firmware that fixes both issues is released, but for that they need to know about it first.



yes I did it !

Its on the way.

But they close my ticket to early by saying "update to the latest firmware"

So nothing is done now. I have to chose wich device I will see working. Door sensor or zipato siren ? Great for my alarm !

and remember.....all these devices were working together one before, and for years long.

Its a pity, I have spent so many time on the zipato, and each day I have an other problem.

Since 2 weeks now two of my roller shutters, sometimes, don't want to open but 10 minutes later they do...antenna problem ? conflict problem ? I don't know, I have to action them with the remote to work each morning. Rules are good and worked for many years.

I have to be patient, Zipato is enjoying my life, but I cant trust this box for my security and rules.



I have the same problem, the external lights come on when they want, the blinds do not act with my orders, the alarm siren does not work .... I opened tickets about a month and a half ago and nobody ever answered ... they are still open The tickets, as if nobody knew anything.

Honestly since I rode my Zipatile there is no week that does not have any problem, be it cloud, firmware, sync .....

For those of us who are not specialists in this world, it's too much anxiety ... thinking about changing controllers.


to which controllers are you thinking of changing?


Hi ,

I think many people want to change the box, and so did I, but the other boxes have also problems or less functions, and the Zipato team work each day on many issues to make it work. After 3 years now, my zipato is 98% ready for my use with my 78 devices.


Hi, five hours today, and 3 yesterday playing and testing my zipato.

At the end I went to previous firmware again.

I have devices which are not included on zipato because they cant be found.

I cant test other brands devices because I am limited now ans not before.

Once zipato is working I'd pay pro version but not before that day.

People around me are laughing when nothing is really working. as it does with my zipato, its a shame!

I have a lot of chacon devices, may be I'll buy the chacon box 100 % compatible instead the pro version?



je confirme que le film 1.2.29 n'est pas bon. C'est bricolage. Pour ma part, je suis retourné au 1.1.38 parce que je ne peux plus inclure de modules avec le dernier filmware 1.2.29 qui a parfaitement fonctionné pendant 2 ans. J'ai des billets ouverts pendant 2 mois sans réponse.



I confirm that the 1.2.29 filmware is not good. This is DIY. For my part, I returned to 1.1.38 because I can no longer include modules with the latest filmware 1.2.29 that worked perfectly well for 2 years. I have open tickets for 2 months without answer.

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