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Light turns on by motion but stay on

Finn shared this question 3 years ago
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I have an sensor that turns on my light outside. Light turns on as planned, but it don't turn off when no motion.

I have tried different setups from "Knowledge base", but why doesnt it turn off again?

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Yes it will not, unless your time is outside of the sunset to sunrise time zone you have implemented.

You should change the second if puzzle with the time if puzzle. So that if there is a change in state, 1. if motion is detect if time is correct, turn on light. 2. If there is a change in state, else(now the program asks if there motion, result=NO, then there must be no motion) so turn off light. Currently you else is asking if the time now is not between sunset and sunrise. Not if there is no motion detected.

See attached as a quick reference.