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Managing different device configuration parameters profiles

olivier34 shared this idea 6 years ago

Could we have the possibility to manage different device configuration profiles and have the ability to apply them wihtin rules. Other option could be to add the ability to set a device parameter in a rule.

For example, change the "sensitivity " of a motion sensor at night, or change the "Auto report" parameter of a temperature sensor when you are out of the house.


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It would be important to change parameters with the Rule creator:There are tools where it is basically needed. For example:

Qubino Flush On / Off thermostat:

The user should be able to change the operating state of the thermostat in the user interface exp.: App (he does not need to be able to set a parameter).

Everspring Indoor Voice Siren audio playing:

The Everspring Indoor Voice Siren is only currently as a simple siren be used the really extra function cannot be used

(is able to play the uploaded .wav audio file when given a parameter command).



changing of configuration parameters in rule creator is not possible at the moment.