Massive Problems

Michael M. shared this problem 5 months ago

Since a few day I have have increasing problems: Rules do not start or stop working. My box (ZB1) is intermittently offline.

ImperiHome did not work with shutters, dimmables and similar for a week. Now my zipato app does not show any status any more.

Two green LEDs on my box are steady on: button 2 (o.k.) button 3 (?).

I wanted to adapt (simplify) my rules. However, login now is not possible. It shows:

Could not open JPA EntityManager for transaction; nested exception is org.hibernate.exception.JDBCConnectionException: Could not open connect.

Now my zipato page is loading but shows offline since a few hours.

The rest is working offlineo.k.

Hope these problems go away

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I am online again. However, Web-GIU shows wrong results. App does not work. Synchronization not possible.

I do not get any e-mails. Let's wait and see.


Now, everything seems to work fine. Thanks


I have the same issues, and now my alarm can't be armmed. It says "failed to create secure session".


There are problems with the cloud every day : slowdowns, sync, disconnection ... it works locally but there is nothing we can do.

4 years that I am with Zipato and the problems still continue. This system is great, but its lack of reliability is very problematic.


Same with me. The system is great (rule maker). Otherwise, I would have switched to a different brand. I wait and watch the development and decide next year.


"SOLVED"? really?

Nothing is responding now, motion sensor, curtains, alarm, door sensors, nothing at all.

Now I'm moving in a room with a motion sensor, and it state is "NO MOTION"; I've opened and closed some doors today, and when I look in the events, lt says last open was yesterday.

I try to open and close curtains, and it does not respond.

In the dashboard the bos is online, and I have the app in the same local net as the box. But nothing is working now.

And I can't arm or disarm the alarm, because it says "incorrect PIN" when I wirte the rigth PIN.