Micromodule switch double parameters

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Is there a configuration in which the relays could be dissociated from the related switch inputs? I mean if I need a switch input to call a scene, for example or configure an input to switch the relay from another MM and leave the relay free to receive command from a virtual switch, for example.

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Hi, I dont think so. The Zipato switch cannot have the inputs even separated into a rule - so I cannot even have a rule where the status of the input would be launching the rule.

Qubino switches have more endpoints and perhaps with qubino's it is possible but unsure if anyone managed to achieve this.



Thanks for the reply. So, in case I want to have a wall switch calling a scene , for example, how should I do it?


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Well, for this purpose the best to use a battery operated wall switch which can call a scene or basically using a rule can call anything you want. If you have a physical wall switch, and add a double switch from Zipato behind it, you would not connect to one output of the module and would set up a rule that if that specific output turns on, start a scene...

As I dont have any qubino single or double switch, I cannot confirm upon including them if you have an endpoint for these inputs (I1 and I2) and if they can be part of the rule without the output.

Anyone in the community who has any of them?


As Attila mentions, just dont connect the output of the module to a load. The module will still turn on/off via your wall switch, and you can still use this as a trigger for a rule. In fact it can trigger anything within your Zipato system. Start a Sonos speaker playing, open a garage door, turn off the sprinklers, etc.