mini keypad not working with other users to arm disarm alarm

Ian Byles shared this problem 8 years ago

I have added myself (the main account holder) and two additional users, all with alarm rights, see attached screenshot.

Then in the Partition User config, I added the mini keypad to all users and selected the Arm Away and disarm event names.

The idea was to have each user use a rfid tag to be able to arm and disarm the system, however, tit is not working with this setup for the other users, it only works if the mini keypad "slot" is assigned to me.

I'm confused as to why the slot is assigned to a user, but in the Alarm partition you can assign any event to Arm/disarm against any user. Is that right?

Also, I have also assigned a pin to myself, as a second device in the Partition User config, but it never shows up on the screen. However, it is working.

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Dear Ian,

Did you enable for each certain user option Arm and Disarm in security partition?

In case you missed we are sending you process how to activate:

Edit user security rights

  • 1.Click on 'Device Browser'
  • 2.Click on 'Security Partition'
  • 3.Click on 'Edit'
  • 4.Click on tab 'Users'
  • 5.Click on certain username.
  • 6. Opens popup window in which you need to enable Arm and Disarm
  • 5.Click on 'Save' and Synchronize and reload the dashboard

We hope that we have successfully responded to your issue.

Best regards,


HI Thanks, I did not know there was a popup for additional user. I'll try it out later and get back to you.



Thanks, seems ok now.


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