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Monitor temp, humidity, electricity and view and download data

Enrique Salavert shared this question 6 years ago
Need Answer

Hi, I'm new, and the first thing I would like to do with a Zipabox (not yet purchased) Is monitor my NZEB home. I would like to see graphics combined for internal and external temperature, humidity, CO2, and electricity used. I would like to see daily,, and be able to download data and export ir todo Excel.

Is it posible.? If posible, is easy? I'm not a programmer.

There are devices like the energomonitor that do that, but cost the same as the zipabox, and cant do anything more and I plan a los of things for the zipabox, like reuse a wired alarm.

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Sorry for the typos, I'm spanish with an spanish Ipad, keeps trying to convert everything to Spanish

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