More radiator thermostats ...

derJan shared this question 9 years ago

Hello Support,

I need much more radiator thermostats. I want to control different kinds of radiators ( wall and ground) in my whole house.

I can only find the

Living Connect radiator thermostat from Danfoss



Also the thermometers ... the only one to control is the Everspring ST814 thermometer.

And this version doesn´t have really high WAF (Women Acceptance Factor).

The Horstmann HRT4 is "ok" but not there, where you can see it ;-)

Please save my marriage.

with kindly regards,


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The Danfoss RS looks nice.

I´ve the box since 2 days and it´s her first contact with a smart home.

Without any thermostat is maybe too much for her ;-)

It have to look like a normal installation.

THX for your help.

Greetz Jan

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