Nest Connectivity

Marcel de Haan shared this idea 4 months ago
Under Consideration


I tried to connect my Next thermostat with the Zipatile after upgrading to VT Pro, just to find out that Nest has abandoned WWN. Which means adding a Nest device will not work (not able to get a code). This will be transferred to WWGA, works with google assistant. How is this going to be solved? I can not connect now....... Ideas?

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I talked with Nest support tonight because I have the same problem. It seems that Google bought Nest and killed the functionality that allowed a competitor's product, like Zipato, function with them. Apparently this is only with products that were bought and registered on Nest. Same products that are registered with Google (may work?). Disappointing to say the least. Wonder if you can move a Nest registered product to Google Works.


I have decided to sell the Nest and bought a tco home thermostat with zwave and open. Still need to write the scripts but I am fed up with that propriety stuff. They all do it, but not helping any customer. Even from commercial persoective it is short term thinking. Anyways, one customer less for google.