new fibaro doo/window sensor 2 (fgdw-002) not supported?

sven eigenbrodt shared this problem 5 years ago

I got a new fibaro fgdw-002 door/window sensor today, and while it is super easy to include it, I can't really do anything with it now.

- I cannot use it as alarm zone. I can choose the "ACCESS-CONTROL" sub-sensor in the sensor-dropdown, but I cannot save the zone.

- I cannot use the sensor in the rules creator. There are a generic sensor and a meter showing up in the devices lists, but both have no attributes when I put them in rules.

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Try to exclude, sync and refresh and then re-include, if it doesn't work then open a ticket on Zipato support and include your serial number.



I also received a new fgwd 002 sensor and could include it but it doesn't react when I open the door, it always stays on "closed".

Did you find a solution to make it work?



Check two things;

First, make sure your sensor's tamper switch (on the back of the sensor) is making contact, this is a known problem with Fibaro door sensors, if these are not installed properly (not making contact properly) the sensor won't send any status and will send tamper alerts continuously and depletes its battery.

Second, is your sensor close enough to the Zipato controller? can you bring it closer and try again?.


Bought three LGDW-002's and they work fine, open/close state, temperature, rule editor and alarm zone configuration. Just for an update if someone is wondering if they work or not at the moment.

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