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Non working rules.

Manuel shared this problem 6 years ago


Yesterday I wanted to try the Alarm on battery low, with that Virtual Alarm I created a Rule to send a Push message direct to my Push Over on my mobile, and moved the rule quite up in the list of rule ( have over 45 rules ). This morning I waked up and no rules working so I erase the rule I created yesterday and all worked again, in fact all the rules over the new one were working and all those under weren't. It happened to me before that one rule that was bugged block the rules that were under, so sad that there are no message from the box that says that one of the rules is bugged!

So today after that problem I created a new rule, at the end of all my rules that send an email to confirm that all rules over the last one are not bugged as it read all the way down.

Is it something that you have experienced too?

Are the rules working like a PLC program that is saying reading from the top to the bottom one after one?

Thanks for any info...

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not sure, havent seen this before. Would be good to get an answer from support though.

Thanks for the info Manuel.


Hi Manuel,

rules are read section by section i.e. puzzle by puzzle, from the top to the bottom. You have to check if there are invalid rules / deleted devices / offline devices / out of range devices. All that could lead to non-working rules. If your issue occurs again, you should open ticket at support, so we could debug it.

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