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Please, publish alexa skill also on Italian store as-it-is: it works!

Carlo shared this idea 3 years ago

Dear Zipato Team, I kindly ask you to publish Alexa skill, as it is, also to italian store because it definitively works.

As an early adopter I have an echo dot, first gen, originally connected to a US account and then migrated to IT (keeping the skill installed), since a long time and I was using zipato skill in english. My old device, unfortunately was not able to support italian.

Yesterday I installed an Echo Dot 3rd gen, that works in italian and ...

... everything worked.

I'm able to say "Alexa, accendi <device name>" or "Alexa, spegni <device name>" and it works, using default amazon skill translation.

Having tested this personally I can say that releasing the current skill also for italian store (that is just a matter of a setting in your "Distribution" page) can be a huge step forward for a lot of user that are requesting this feature for an year.

Please, do this without waiting next release, it's a matter of seconds!

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It works fine also in Spanish,.. two in one shot ;-)



Could be a great idea...I suggest the same at day 1



I would like to inform you that Alexa will be launch on V3 platform soon.

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