possibility to reset a box to factory default , without losing the attached devices

Christian Röttger shared this question 9 years ago

I would like to be able to reset everything apart from having to reattach the devices....

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Dear Christian,

There is no possibility to perform reset to factory default, without losing devices.

But however you can try perform Hard reset. With a hard reset you will not lose the attached devices.

Hard reset procedure:

1. Unplug power and Ethernet cable from your Zipabox

2. Wait 1 min.

3. First plug in Ethernet cable and then power supply.

4. Press and hold Button2 on your Zipabox and then briefly press and release Reset button.

5. Keep holding Button2 for 5 seconds and then release it.

6. Observe your LED sequence. If everything goes alright at the end there should be fixed green light from LED.

This procedure will recover Zipabox with older firmware version, so the firmware upgrade process could be started again.

Best regards,

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